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A FREE 2 hour initiation, for men ready to awaken and align to their inner power and master vision.

In this session you will be lead through >


> a wide range of transformational physical practices, to help you open up and strengthen your body.


> a guided meditation to destress and clear your mind.


> a deep relaxation to intergrate and recharge your energy.


> and a step by step guide to forming your master vision.


7 - 9pm UK time Mon 7th June

Felix is an internationally renowned artist, and founder of the Mixed Spiritual Arts method. 


He helps men to balance their energies, and awaken their inner power. By bringing ancient wisdom into the modern world, he creates an accessible synergy of many styles. Which he shares through his coaching and artwork, his vision of life, health and happiness. 


Felix’s personal mission is to share the keys of creative vitality and establish Avatar University, an International levitation research center for the training and awakening of our full potential.