Felix Price Lunarship flyer.jpg

What is it? 



A two week online training experience.  

•Daily live classes on zoom, teaching exercises and meditations, for fitness and activation of the body, mind and spirit.  

•Beginning on the new moon, a sequence of rituals to cleanse, and get clear on a personal vision, to focus on for the full moon. 

•A group conversation space, to share intentions, questions, support and progress.

•Mixed Spiritual Arts ~Combining a wide range of traditions, including Yoga, Chi Gong, Martial Arts, Breathwork, Chanting, Fire and Ice, Alters and Vision Boards. 


Who is it for?

Men who want to ~ 

•Develop their fitness, flexibility, strength & balance. 

•Learn and develop their breath and body awareness.

•Sharpen their mind and concentrate their energy.

•Release negative patterns, and clean up their spaces.

•Get clear on their goals and visions.

•Creat a compelling focus for the future.

•Tune into the natural cycles, and the power of the full moon.

•Learn techniques of manifestation.


What are you going to get? 

•Daily guidance and support

•Personal suggestions, tips, feedback and encouragement.

•Group chat with a community of men with a common intention.

•All recordings of the lives are shared to the group and can be practiced anytime.

•A clear vision of what u have to offer the world, what you are focusing on to manifest, and a repeatable formula for preparing for the full moon.


 Daily awakening training sent by recordings the night before, so u can play and follow when u wake up. Group training sessions live on zoom Monday Wednesday Friday 7-8pm uk time, to train together, receive personal instructions/suggestions from Felix, ask questions, share feedback and connect as group. With opening and closing live group ceremonies.


The real magical depths of this course are for each man to discover in his own time.  The more energy and focus we put in the more we will get out.  The fortnight from new moon to full moon is repeated every month.  The method, once learnt can be repeated each cycle, with further skill and refinement each time.  I personally held and did this course myself 7 times last year, each time learning, adjusting, adapting it to find the best sequence of rituals and exercises.  I went from being in a lot of pain and not knowing where I was going, to being pain free and moving my family to Barbados after having done my best ever art sales.  It took a lot of hard work, patience and consistent attention, but the transformation I had decided on happened. I’m not here to guarantee all your dreams come true in two weeks just by booking this course.  Real magic is for each man to understand in his own way in his own time. I can share with you my insights into many years of practicing these arts, including how not to do many things - which I have learnt through trial and error. I can lay out a plan for you to follow and give you tips and suggestions, and I can demonstrate the exercises for you and explain the details as much as possible. But only you can really decide to do the real magic, which is something that happens deep with, in our hearts and souls. When that happens, no words are needed, and it is more than we can even imagine.  That’s what I’d really love to share with you bro. Aum Ouss Uamsa Famaste, if it’s meant to be, see u there.