Friday - Sunday 16-18th September 2022


An all inclusive weekend of Mixed Spiritual Arts, Held at the Emerson College, 

Forest Row, East Sussex.


This ‘SUMMERENDER’ will be the last weekend of summer, and an invitation to come and ground, integrate, purify, align and celebrate all the experiences of this summer 2022.  This sober retreat is consciously being limited to 22 spaces, to give deep time and space for personal attention and expansion.  We have planned a schedule that will flow through a wide range of spiritual arts, in a sequence that will synergize the benefits of many magical traditions.  With the intention of creating a powerful healing and uplifting experience for everyone. 


The retreat is held by Felix and Jamie, both very experienced practitioners and space holders.  They will be creating a space for open minded exploration, and open hearted activation. We will be going deep into some transformational experiences, and also focusing on balancing and integrating all the benefits, so that each person can leave on the Sunday feeling cleansed, realigned, recharged, inspired, and ready to go into the next season in a strong, clear way.


50 Hours ATC 

Full price- £555

Deposit option ~£222 (to reserve your place).


This is a rare chance to get work deep,  directly with Jamie and Felix, share a journey together, and grow through a powerful community activation.


The retreat is held in the beautiful settlement of Emerson College, a haven for spiritual arts, set deep in the magical woods of South England.  It has a long held reputation for its healing energies and mystical activities.  The retreat is all inclusive for food and accommodation. So all you need to bring for the stay is yourself, we will take care of all the rest.


 No particular previous experience is needed to attend, and the exercises we will practice can be adjusted for all levels of physical ability.


This special retreat will be limited to 22 spaces only.  So there will be time and space for a lot of direct personal attention.   For these few days of gathering, we will experience and enjoy ancient memories of simple tribal life, sitting around the fire, sharing silence, and our stories.  We will give thanks for the summer as it shines it last days of the year, and we will get ready for the autumn, and everything to come. 


With great gratitude and blessings to anyone reading this, the invitation is there for you, and you are very welcome.  If you have any questions just let us know.  Wishing you the very best, however your path is destined to flow, may peace be with you. 


•Jamie discovered his purpose and passion for teaching spiritual arts, after a life changing retreat in China. 

A quest for true happiness began, and he left his hectic career in advertising, to learn more, and share with others his joy, inspiration and love for life. 


A few years on he has taught all over the world - regular local classes in studios, offices in London, care centres, rehabs, retreats in Ibiza, Portugal, Mexico, online groups, one to one journeys and is now living and working in Brighton.  


He has a natural capacity for holding space and guiding meditation, that flows through all his sessions.  A deep inner strength, developed over years of training, through many forms and situations, gives him a powerful ability to lead groups deep into the spiritual experiences of purification, alignment and activation.  His thorough, intense focus is balanced by a great light and open hearted joy that radiates through all his arts. 


“The art of self mastery is here to discover and Qigong is a door into that plane of being. There are many doors to true self and this style of working is how I offer that opportunity of a life full of vitality, peace and joy. You are very welcome with no experience what so ever needed, just the desire for the peace, health and happiness.”


•Felix is an artist who was born in London in 1985. His natural artistic curiosity lead him to a spiritual awakening aged 20, that set him traveling on a path of discovery,  across many continents for many years. He trained in Yoga, Chi Gong, Kung fu, Reiki, Shamanism, Martial Arts, Feng Shui and many more traditions from all over the world.  


In 2012 he returned to London to share his insights and passion for self-realization, enlightenment and liberation.  He co-founded Urban Avatars with his wife Diahann. Eventually he originated the name Mixed Spiritual Arts, as a way to express and honor all the roots of the fruits he shares. 


He now lives in Barbados with his wife and daughter. Alongside his well-being practice and offerings, he is an abstract painter and musician, exhibiting his artwork internationally. 


“Urban Avatars Mixed Spiritual Arts is a way of living life to to the fullness in a clear and balanced way.  To walk in the awareness of the highest reality at all times, all places, in all situations and with all relations.  Paradise is feeling, and when we feel the true inner heaven, we awaken the highest and deepest parts of ourselves, and enjoy climbing the mountain of life, through all its ups and downs, never too happy, never too sad, an equanimous contentment just to be alive, and feel it all.”


With gratitude and love, we give thanks for your time to see this🙏. Onwards and upwards, and hope to see u there.:)