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As Summer 2022 draws to completion, we will pass through the Equinox again, the day of balance, equal day and night.  Equinox is a powerful portal that happens only twice a year, a day to integrate one season and prepare for the next one.  SOOO that's WHY we go to STONEHENGE, to connect with the ancient magic of the stones and land there.  We will gather in London, at the Urban Avatars HQ, The Portico Gallery, in the evening before, to enjoy a fire and conversation, sharing our stories and intentions for the journey.  The plan is to ground down and hold a meditation, deep rest and maybe even sleep for some hours, before we rise and get in the bus transport in the wee hours around 3, and drive down together to arrive in the Stonehenge site to enter and greet the sunrise, make our prayers, music, dance and celebrations for the few hours when the stones are 'open'. Around 9 we will walk back to the buses and enjoy the energy with the other visitors, we will drive back to London around 10, arriving around midday, and then we will hold the closing ceremony, to integrate by sharing our stories, our insights, our experiences and soak up and store within all the good vibrations. So we will leave recharged, and prepared to flow onwards into Autumn with a clear vision.