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Felix Price is a multi-media artist, creating immersive experiences, based on a foundation of instinctual mark making.  His visions from extra-dimensinal journeys are expressed through the patterns he paints and draws.  His artworks are an invitation to the way of feeling the patterns and spaces within.

Felix was raised in a family of artists and grew up obsessed with making drawings.  He studied Fine art in London, at Chelsea College of Art and The Slade.  When he began exploring far away lands and cultures, he discovered ancient techniques of opening the third eye and seeing into other worlds.  

These travels lead him far away from the surface of reality, deep into his own mind and soul.  Realising that "paradise is a state of mind", he received his visions and returned to London to share his creativity with the modern world.

His describes his art as windows into other worlds. The seemingly abstract line formations, whilst being intuitively freestlyed, are also based on a deep inter-connected mathematical structure.

His dream for the future is to create a way for people to get the experience of inner-visioning, and tune into the mystery of the inner artworld that is within us all

Artists statement :-

"I started art in the spirit world,
designing my incarnation and environment,
growing up artists family, painting with my grandad from three,
remembering the pattern from the other dimensions,
simultaneously omnipresent through doors of perception,
Once the senses were cleansed and cleared,
The first eye opened, and instantly recognised the visions,
What I’d been drawing my whole life,
Not knowing how I knew how to draw it,
just watching it pour out,
Suddenly realised in the first glimpse,
Since then understanding,
This auto-matic instinctual mark-making colour matching game of paining,
Like a spirit-world printer,
Receiving frequencies from the ever-present realities,

The meaning of art is the meaning we give it,
The meaning we give it is the reflection of our inner feeling,
In this game of life there may be a moment for every possible feeling,
Artists feel that and express that feeling through the forms and elements,
We see the art and we feel the feeling of the artist,
And through the feeling of anothers feeling,
We feel ourselves feeling,
Art is that feeling,
The exchange of ones inner verse with the outer verse
Art changes the universe,
which is never not changing,
The Universe is art,
my art is to feel the Universe,
And share that feeling,
With the Universe,
To levitate,
Below all for healing,
Above all for Love

Dived into the paint pots of let it flow,
Lines shapes words depictions sounds colours patterns stories,
Canvas paper walls bodies songs ceremonies experiences immersions
From Art schools in London, Chelsea and The Slade,
To Temples and Tipis around the world,
Way of life, avatar theory, urban avatars, ancient futuristic, Avatarland,
Levitation Research Centres, Interdimensional Diplomat,
From Solo shows on Maddison Avenue with Hollywood stars,
To hitchhiking across the Amazon with Rainforest Shamans,
From as far away from everything as I could go,
Found paradise is a state within,
Then got back to the front line,
Began Urban Avatars Mixed Spiritual Arts
Opened the doors, Rang the bells,
banged the drums and lead the training,
Sang the songs and painted the station,
Art everyday, Community rites of passage,
World awakening, 2020 quantum shift,
Moved to Barbados, Avatarland actualised,
2+years island feeling healing and sealing,
Returning to London again now,
To feel it and reveal it,
Share art and spread happeningness,
Below all for healing
Above all for love

FX24wards Urban Avatars Mixed Spiritual Arts
Aum Ousss Uamsa
Waking up,
One day at a time,

Felix Price 2024

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