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 I paint autonomously, flowing patterns, shapes, designs, symbols, textures, layers. I let go of thinking and just clear my mind and paint by instinct. I recreate my visions, abstractly, to convey the essence, the feeling of the visionary state.  For me the process of painting is a connection to a deep part of me that feels the rhythms and patterns of the worlds of information within and all around us.  I paint to bring positivity into this world. I paint to inspire joy, to uplift, to contemplate theories of reality.  I think of my art like windows into other worlds.  

I was born in London in 1985.  My grandparents were artists and taught me to draw and paint from very young.  I was always doodling.  As a teenager I started discovering abstract expressionists, like Pollock, who blew my mind with the scale and energy of the artwork.  Later Basquiat and Haring became my gurus and my bedroom floor was covered in canvases, paint tubes and I was embracing everything I could to be a wild creative. I went to art school and explored materials, scales, and the compulsive mark making that fascinated my attention.  I was obsessed with the patterns I was making, without understanding the origins.  Then a life changing experience happened in an Ayahuasca ceremony.  Behind my closed eyelids a new world exploded in a fountain of colours, patterns, symbols, alien language, hieroglyphic information. In that first moment I realised what I had been drawing and painting all my life.  This psychedelic experience became a fascination, which I explored travelling across South America.  My art became a way of life, to live in awareness of greater realities and to let my painting be an expression of the magical visionary experience that had captivated my spirit.

In 2012 I returned to live in London after many years of travelling.  My wife and I co-founded a community called Urban Avatars, and we held many ceremonies and classes of what we named Mixed Spiritual Arts.  While the focus of my creativity has stretched across many mediums, the foundation is always freedom and magic. I continue to seek to refine the experience of creation, the balance of forms and subtlety of visual rhythms.

In 2020 we moved to Barbados and are now based here.  We are working to build our dream home here and establish a creative arts centre where we can send out our creations to the world and host people from all over to come and experience nature, for healing , for training, for creativity and for evolution.


'Be happy and do your best'

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